About Us

Brunos has been running since 1985. It is a family run business that was started by Jeremy and Jackie Hunt. We had our first pet store in Northampton and ran it for many years. We have kept and bred all sorts of parrots and other pets, this means we can give advice on what works, and what sells. We now import many items and deliver them all over the UK and beyond. We offer deliveries all around the UK, either weekly on our own vehicles, or via pallets. We also offer a drop ship service.

The main office is located in Whilton Locks Garden Village, where we also have a retail outlet.

Having an interest in retail too, means we have a greater understanding of what retailers need, good prices, good products, good turnaround time on orders and good communication – we are always at hand to discuss any of our products – we know what they are, to us they are not just a code !